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  • Thanks for the info. I was able to program it using the Arduino FTDI bitbang method.
    Looks like mine already had the latest firmware though (bought it Monday, 5/17), as I didn't notice any change... graphics seem to work ok, aside from the box command not reading the on/off flag, but character stuff is pretty problematic.
    I'll probably take a stab at tweaking the firmware myself, and I'll post the code if I fix anything...

  • Or, are the ICSP pins the only way to program this?

  • I see the new firmware is posted, but I'm having trouble updating my device. I'm using the FTDI Basic breakout, which I can use to write text on the display, but I can't seem to find a command string (or programmer-id) for avrdude that works. I have both Tx and Rx hooked up, but it would seem that the device isn't responding to avrdude. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Slick looking display, and it's easy to use. This white/black version is also more readable outdoors and in vehicles than the black/green version I had previously used. They both seem to have some issue with polarized sunglasses at certain angles, but this white/black one seems much better during my initial tests.

  • This is a good easy-to-use display, but a little hard to read when wearing polarized sunglasses, so not ideal for use in a vehicle or outdoors. The white/black version works better in those applications.

  • Please disregard my previous statement about longitude being ~0.9 degrees off... It turned out to be a simple error on my part when logging a double floating-point. Arduino doesn't implement "%f" in sprintf(), and my workaround was writing "xxx.9" where it should have been "xxx.09". Oops! The good news is that this GPS is pretty good and usable!

  • My observations:
    - Board says LS23060 V1.0 on it, but it doesn't match the datasheet for that part (it obviously doesn't have the LS23060's USB connector, it samples at 5Hz not 4Hz, etc)
    - Gets a decent fix even when indoors, and in less than ideal mounting locations in vehicles
    - GPS fix is fast if it was recently powered up, but can take ~5 minutes (indoors) otherwise
    - BAUD rate is 57600, not 9600
    - Default sample rate is 5Hz, not 1Hz
    - Sometimes the Longitude is off by a consistent ~0.9 degrees. It can do this even when it has 9+ satellites locked, as well as when in DGPS mode. I've seen it several times, and with standard and DGPS fixes. Looks like a steady error, so it may be correctable with software, but there's clearly something wrong here! Could be disaster for a UAV or similar use.
    - Is "TTL" 3.3v or 5v? I'm powering it with 3.3v, but my comm is at the typical 5v. Seems to work, but makes me wonder if I'm going to mess something up. Do I need to add a voltage divider on its Rx pin or not?
    - What happens when that little battery goes dead?

  • Can anyone point me to specifics of what I need to rewire to make this work? I tried the diode method, and verified that it's at ~3.3V, but it still isn't working. I managed to blow one microSD card just trying to get this thing to work... Still have one more that I haven't ruined, and would prefer to just go with a known-good configuration. Thanks.

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