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  • IKR !!!!

  • Oh yah, didn't see that. (and yah i know what a common anode and cathode it btw) lol but thanks for pointing that out

  • http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?search_query=thermal+paper&ic=48_0&Find=Find&search_constraint=0

  • Buy them here you guys, you can save $35

  • ETA?

  • OMG!!! NO!! why are they retired, i need these lol ... how much longer until they are back into stock .................WHY is this happening to me lol

  • you guys need to upload a different picture of the newer on, cause when i got mine it was a new version than the one in the picture.

  • I really wish there were 4pin headers because i making a project using the arduino usb board to reprogram.
    This product is good if your willing to lose a pin for every cut you make. Since these headers have thin plastic gaps, you cut through another pin, making you lose a pin....other wise this is a great product!!!

  • i would recommend this product to everyone !!!
    it's basically a 16MHz crystal with built in capacitors.
    i use this with my atmega328 and it works great!

  • I when out and bought one of theses hardly knowing anything about it. When i got it in the mail i was so excited. I already had a programmer to program it. I wired it up and started basic programming. I was very happy to know that there were 12 Io pins a 6 pwm pins. Today i just figured out that there were 19 Io pins. I'm so happy with this product. I have been coding for about 1 year. I'm about fluent with the code. I also would rate this product 11/10 because of how easy it is to program. I've bough many of these and not one failed me !!!
    I love arduino SOOO much!!!
    i recommend this product to everyone

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