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  • I agree with the complaint above. Although he didn´t explain why he didn´t like it. I was very disapointed when i received the claw, when i saw it´s mostly "a toy". It´s for toy robots, like those basic small ones with bright colored plastic chassi, and foam wheels driven by constant rotation servos, that avoid obstacles with a little sonar. It´s that level of "toy" and "basic" of a claw. It´s pivot points and joints are too lose, they have some play and make the whole thing flimsy. The teeth in the gears are to wide apart, for speed, in exchange you get very little precision. Considering the small range of motin ,most of the time it´s either "opened" , "closed", or "trying to close while the clutch snaps apart". The range of motion is very limited, you can barely grab a small water bottle and barely lift it as well, since the recommended setup makes it too weak. I adapted a standard size servo to it to see if i could get a little more force, and i don´t recommend doing that, as the clutch starts to snap every now and then.

    All in all, if you are starting out in robotics and like basic robots, want a claw that can grab small and light objects just to pick it up and place it down 2 inches away and then repeat in reverse, etc... this product is for you!

    For anyone that thought this would save them some machining work when building a little more decent of a robot that has a little more power and can do things a little more interesting... build your own claw/gripper.

    As far as i can tell, there´s still a void on the market when it comes to mid-range grippers. You can buy a decent "research class" gripper for hundreds of dollars , or an industrial one for thousands of dollars, or even a "toy" one like these for a few bucks. But if you want something in between, you´re outta luck. :(

  • ....that was....weird..

  • And that´s why working at sparkfun would be my second dream job (first place goes to working with The Mythbusters lol) .

  • I agree. I like building big stuff.

  • The price still needs some improvement though, but that´s asking too much at once, i think.. :(

  • Now, THAT´S what i call a new product friday! I can´t express how delighted i felt to finally see all this. It´s not so hard to see a company selling robotics breakout boards and goodies online, but i find it very hard to find easily matching (and reasonably priced) HARDWARE parts to build robots and other stuff. That´s exactly the kind of wall i bump into very often including nowadays while trying to build my new rover. i live in an apartment, and don´t have the space or money to buy a CNC machine, a router, a lathe, and all the stuff necessary to do what i have in mind, so i, like many, have to go out and dig on companies "garbage" trying to find suitable and matching hardware to hopefully be able to build what i want. It´s great to see that this might change a little. Great work!

  • Wow... that certainly escalated a little huh.. completely unnecessary in my opinion. I thought the title was fun and very mild. We can see "strip teases" in numerous cartoons (those made for kids!), and it´s a known term used in many jokes. The character doesn´t need to REALLY get naked in order for it to be a strip. It´s usually just for the joke. Also, i´m pretty sure any 6 year old would be able to make the connection between "strip tease" and "led strip" and have a giggle.
    Plus i don´t really think kids under 13 would be reading this level of electronics content, but if they are, you might as well start decorating your webpage with little bunnies , mickey mouse, little trees, etc.. how´s that? Is that safe enough? C´mon people.. lighten up!

  • How far does ir have to be from the target object? Is it directional? Meaning, does it have to be "pointed" at the target, or just being near it makes it read it?

  • Gooooshhh!! There´s a big bad troll on this page that picked the day to annoy people. My father always taught me "if you don´t have something nice or useful to say, keep it to yourself and walk away". Sparkfun employees are WAY too polite and patient! You guys are pioneers in a few things, and work hard to keep the community evolving. People seem to be unable to realize how hard it is to add "a dozen" new products every week. How many companies do you know that can do that??

    Someone just HAS to say: DUDE!!! If you don´t like it here, you can just leave and go praise that other "place" you love so much. Jeez.. it´s like picking on Tom Cruise because he´s not Brad Pitt !!! Leave the dude alone if you don´t like him. It´s a matter of preference! (i prefer that girl from "transformers" , by the way lol )

  • "Different kites of day and night transitions..." :D

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