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  • Product GPS-11058 | about a year ago

    Yes, but the resistor should be in series with the supercap as in the datasheet, not with the pin as well. To be on the safe side. If the internal resistance i high enough it might still work, but being on the safe side is usually better.

  • Product GPS-11058 | about a year ago

    It seems you have designed the part with the SuperCap wrong.

    Look at the datasheet on page 12. It shows you should have the resistor in series with the battery/supercap only, not from the diode to VBAT. This will cause the a 45s delay until VBAT is above 1.5V and the chip can function properly.

  • Product SEN-11486 | about a year ago

    Are SparkFun going to sell these ICs separate soon? I’d really like to have this guy in a project but needs it on my own board. Or is there another supplier?

  • Product BOB-09168 | about 3 years ago

    I’d like to tell of an error in the PCB design.
    The datasheet specifies:

    “Selecting a Clock Crystal

    Choose a 27MHz parallel resonant, fundamental mode
    crystal. No external load capacitors are needed. All
    capacitors required for the Pierce oscillator are includ-
    ed on-chip.“
    Yet you have included the capacitors. Why have you done so?

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