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  • Seriously, when was the last time a soldering iron spit in your face?

  • Wow. I’ve taught all my kids to solder and never had them wear safety glasses. I consider myself pretty safety conscious, heck I was on the safety committee at work and worked hard to get a mandatory safety glasses while in the shop policy.

    Are you teaching the kids to flick the iron around or something?

  • I’m not sure that “respect” is the word I’d use to describe my feelings for a company that willingly handed over personal data of 20 random customers when they didn’t have to.

  • Wow. I just learned about this. I must say that I’m disappointed that you caved so easily. This was a subpoena, not a warrant - you didn’t have to comply and you certainly didn’t have to hand over the personal information of 20 customers who you nor the authorities had any proof of wrongdoing.

    I understand the position you were in but I also think that you should have stood up for your customers more.

    This is a sad day.

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