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  • I love these little things but really wish they would come with an optional 1N4007 diode for flyback elimination when driving an inductive load.

  • On Windows 7 and newer you need to disable the driver signature check. Do this by rebooting Windows, press F8 after the bios screen and select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". Windows now boots up as normal and the driver should work.

  • It looks like the second photo in the hookup guide is wrong too.

  • It's described as "open-source" but there's no source for neither software nor hardware available. Is that description wrong?

  • How about doing a raffle next year? Everyone gets one ticket for say every 10 dollars they spent, which would reward loyal customers. Not feeling very appreciated as a long time customer after wasting the better part of a day on this.

  • It should have been put where the power selector switch is. Sparkfun even sells the correct right angle momentary switch needed: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10791

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