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  • Would this device work with one of the Li-Ion batteries Sparkfun sells? Something like this.

  • I think that clear up things. I have had the chance to do some of my own research and stumbled upon something in the XBee manual. Here is an excerpt from page 77:

    The DB value can be determined in hardware using the RSSI/PWM module pin (pin 6). If the RSSI PWM functionality is enabled (P0 command), when the module receives data, the RSSI PWM is set to a value based on the RSSI of the received packet. (Again, this value only indicates the quality of the last hop.) This pin could potentially be connected to an LED to indicate if the link is stable or not.

    I checked the schematic for the explorer and it also reads RSSI info from pin 6. Is it possible that this issue is because RSSI is not enabled by default? Would everything work without modification once RSSI is enabled?

  • This whole "modifying the explorer boards to get things to work" thing sounds really sketchy to me. I just got a set of XBees like this and was thinking of getting a usb explorer for it. Do the modifications actually fix things? Also, the product description says there is a solder jumper but some of the comments talk about removing a resistor, what specifically needs to be done in order to get things working?