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  • If I want to connect it to a RedBoard or BlackBoard, do I connect (-) to a GND pin and (+) to the 5V pin (to bypass the Arduino power regulator)? If so, will I have any power on the 3V pin?

    What about a Teensy LC? Connect (+) to the 5V pin and (-) to a GND pin, or (+) to VUSB and (-) to GND, below the USB connector?

  • Warning for Mac users: DO NOT install driver version 1.3, or version 1.4 that SparkFun recommends, if you are using MacOS High Sierra or newer. It caused great problems on my MacBook (kernel panic immediately on connecting an Arduino) and v1.4 bricked my iMac so that it wouldn't start up! (I had to remove the driver manually using Terminal in Recovery Mode.) I only recommend seeking out and using the newer version 1.5. I found that this board would not work without a driver on Mac OS High Sierra, and only version 1.5 of the driver worked.

  • "This 7" diagonal touchscreen..." Is this actually a touchscreen, or just the touch layer for a screen? The photos (and price) do not seem like a full touchscreen.

  • You guys haven't had any issues with the chain being stiff? Most of my links do not pivot freely, which makes it completely useless for my project. Is this just a bad batch or something?

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