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  • Now where did that white smoke come from?

  • Cool Project Joel, ironically I have a friend who's working on something similar but incorporates automated control too, you should check out his project at: Osmobot.com

  • false, flack jacket

  • Thank you for the advice and the article, exactly what I wanted to do (but with video as well)

  • Hey I'm sure this is at least a slightly newbish question, but I'm really eager to learn about electronics. I have a set of PC speakers that I want 2 inputs to connect to (laptop and desktop) and want to make a switcher between the two.
    Now If I didn't fail at reading the data sheet the input voltage can be anywhere form -5V to 5V, so would this component be suitable to handle line out audio for this switch, the other component that came to mind for this project are reed relays. Would either of these components be suitable? Or is there something magical that would be 42 times better then either of these?

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