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  • I can't get the sketches to compile.

    sketch_may23a.cpp: In function ‘void clearAndHome()’: sketch_may23a.cpp:46:18: error: ‘BYTE’ was not declared in this scope

  • I would hope we can all agree that the important aspects of manufacture are labor conditions, environmental impact, and quality. Seems straightforward enough to not make people work so hard they jump out the window of the building. Even when recycling electronics (and burning up all the stuff you can't resell) people have to deal with pretty horrible conditions. Like Nate said, we live in a global economy, where capital can move to wherever it has created poverty so as increase the rate of exploitation and profits. On the other hand that also means that a genuine internationalist response to exploitation and pollution is possible. I'm glad Sparkfun is making a point of transcending national boundaries, AND the boundaries for labor still exist within every country! When you see an object, don't forget the people who made it, be it a sparkfun break out board (totally awesome reasonably paid people) or a transistor, or an iphone (suicidal workers in china forced from the countryside by dictatorial economic policy) It is all an incremental accumulation of many hours of labor that make up the lives of countless human beings.

  • I just added my entry! Let me know what you think =)
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