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Member Since: April 4, 2010

Country: United States

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am using this BlueSMiRF module and trying to discover it from my HTC myTouch-4G android phone but it is not visible to phone. I tried other android phones and it becomes visible to them as soon as I power it up. My phone uses Bluetooth 2.1 EDR while this device uses 2.0 which shouldn't be a problem as 2.1 should be backward compatible. Can any body help me on why this is not visible to my phone?

  • Hi Everyone,
    Do anyone know whether or not can we increase the frequency of the loop that the firmware is operating? Right now its 50Hz in the code that i downloaded from http://code.google.com/p/sf9domahrs/downloads/list. I need to increase it to 100Hz, is that possible or this frequency of operation was chosen under some constraint?
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • I have a a strange problem with 9DOF razor IMU.....After getting some raw readings all three acceleromter readings get equal either -1 or some really big value. Same is teh case with magnetometer readings.
    I didn't change the original firmware on the device as i received it. When i reset the device the thing starts working correctly. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem because i am getting this problem after almost every 10 readings and its not desired.
    Note. Each reading is taken after half a second.
    Any help?

  • Hello everyone,
    I know that this shield works fine with Arduino Duemilanove. Does it work with Arduino Mega as i saw that the pin jacks for arduino Mega are a little bit shifted as seen in its picture here on sparkfun.

  • @ Sparkfun experts...
    How can i interface the IMU to an Arduino serially. what to do with the DTR and CTS pins as leaving them open doesn't make Arduino to read data from IMU? IMU is working fine with PC.

  • @ Sparkfun experts...
    How can i interface the IMU to an Arduino serially. what to do whit the DTR and CTS pins as leaving them open doesn't make Arduino to read data from IMU? IMU is working fine with PC.

  • @tesmoj...
    I am also trying to achieve same thing....that is i want to interface the IMU with my Arduino Duemilanove. I want to read the raw data of IMU and then use it for stabilization of my robot. How can i interface the IMU with external Arduino board? i.e. i connected Tx/Rx, Rx, Tx, Gnds and Power pins together but what to do with DTR and CTS pins of IMU as Arduino boards generally don't have these?

  • @Sparkfun experts... (Interface Problem)
    I want to use this FTDI basic breakout board as a bridge between (9DOF Razor IMU) and Arduino Duemilanove. I connected FTDI pinout of this to similar pinout of IMU and then used a USBmini to USB-type-2 cable to connect it to Arduino on-board female USB Type 2 interface (Assuming that the serial connection is established). I uploaded a simple sketch to read the the data of IMU character by character but it is not responding....
    I connected the IMU via FTDI breakout board to PC and i am getting the data. This means my FTDI breakout to Arduino interface is not working.
    Can you guys suggest any way i can accomplish this interface? Is it possible to connect the Tx/Rx, Rx/Tx, Gnds and 3.3Vs together of arduino and FTDI breakout board for serial communication. In this case what am i supposed to do with the CTS and DTR pins as Arduino dont have these?
    Thanks for any help!

  • @SilverGhost
    Have you ever tried the technique you mentioned that is controlling the BLDC with ESC using the servo control signal from the micro-controller. I am actually trying to do same with an arduino board. I was able to run the motor but it get programmed somehow and now i can't program it again.
    I will be grateful for any help.

  • @ryowens84, I changed the baud rate to 115200 but still no success. I wasted my whole 2 days working to run this motor driver. It is just pissing me off!!!!!!!!

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