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  • So which pins did you use on the Mega? thanks!

  • If I have a power supply of 42V, can I connect in series two femtobucks, where each one is driving some Leds in series for a total of 21V, 670mA?

  • Hi, I received my order of 2 Flexible OLEDs, but after installing the library, connecting wires to Arduino Mega 2560(I tried a Leonardo too) both screens show no sign of life with any of the example sketches... Any help? Arduino powered by USB 2/3 port, breakout board connected as follows: pin 3.3/5v -> arduino 5v, gnd -> gnd, SCLK -> pin 13, SDIN -> pin 11, !CS -> pin 10, !RES ->pin 8 I also contacted your support team via mail, and sent a photo, but received no answer. Those display aren't exactly cheap, import duties costed as much a s a screen themselves, so some help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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