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Steve Spence

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  • The best way I have found to power an arduino project with solar is a pv panel charging a lithium ion battery and a dc to dc converter producing 5v. Reliable day in and day out for years now.

  • With the shield compatible pins where they are, a shield with jacks like a ethernet shield eliminates the ability to use much of the breadboard. Wish it mounted shields on the other end.

  • Interesting. Ethanol has less BTU than gasoline, so mixing with ethanol won't help make more power. Running E100, although lower in BTU, has a higher octane value, so allows increased compression and advanced timing to make power. So unless he advancing the timing, and has increased compression, he's going to get less power, not more. Great project though! It would be interesting to electronically advance the timing and open the jets (longer injection time) with increased alcohol percentage.

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