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  • I didn’t see a specification for accuracy in ppm or a reference to the specific crystal used on this board. Can you please provide a spec on what ppm accuracy to expect from the module? (Knowing the ppm spec on the crystal itself would be nice too, not that I’d question your PCB design ;)

  • Has anyone had any luck figuring out what’s actually on the board? 7 transistors, a 5-pin IC, and what is probably a uC with an STVD logo on it that’s not really getting me anywhere… The inductor near the 5-pin device points to a boost converter, but what about charge control of the LiPo, which seems to be the burning question for everyone? Or is this a waste of time since figuring out the charge control algorithm would be extremely difficult? I’m curious how efficient this guy is at source/load balancing if there’s sun but not quite enough to power the 5v out.

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