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  • Product PRT-12084 | about 4 days ago

    You mean I can’t make buggy presentations with this product?

  • Product DEV-12071 | about a week ago

    What is the incentive of using this over the Yun?

  • News - New Product Friday: High … | about 2 weeks ago

    Clearly, the secret to Shawn’s energy is the purple shirt. I bet if you hook up a few Pelletier thermal pads in between his body and the shirt, you would generate a small amount of current. That won’t be too efficient thought.. I suppose you could douse him in a lead lined tub of water and use the steam generated to turn a turbine to generate electricity. All of these ideas are legit! I will accept $50k in sparkfun credit or direct access to Shawn’s energy for my tesla coil.

  • Product DEV-12071 | about 2 weeks ago

    It would be really cool if there was a hole on the board large enough to screw the external antenna to - no need for a second mounting bracket

  • Product PRT-08027 | about 3 weeks ago

    Why is brown $0.50 more?

  • Product PRT-12807 | last month

    I’ll second this. Sparkfun must have also struck a deal with the government to obtain only THE shiniest of quarters. I bet they keep that quarter in a vault. Not to protect it from theft but to protect the world from it’s shine.

  • Product KIT-12037 | about a month ago

    Yeah, that’s if they were going by their own retail prices. Most likely, they ordered the components wholesale for pennies on the dollar. I really love sparkfun, I know a young business isn’t easy to maintain, but some times I disagree with their pricing policies.

  • Product KIT-12037 | about a month ago

    This.. erm… Seems a little expensive for what it is.

    Edit: SF just reduced the price from $39 to $29. I think that is ~much~ more reasonable. Thanks SF!

  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about a month ago

    “Why is everybody staring at my crotch?!”

  • Product COM-12710 | about a month ago

    I went to sleep -250 in stock. Wake up- back ordered! These look like a lot of fun for mini projects but SF should spruce them up a notch. Why not take an ATmega and make a tiny backpack (uber small breakout board sorta) to make the display controllable over i2c? A tiny i2c version would be incredibly useful

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