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  • News - It's Time Again - Caption… | about 2 years ago

    So we got the database back online and right about here’s where I told him, “You’re crazy. You can’t possibly drive a server hard enough to give off radiation.” And then here, maybe 10 minutes later, you can see us hitting Free Day’s peak load.

  • News - Arduino Eye Shield | about 3 years ago

    One of the really cool aspects of the Arduino phenomenon is the way it’s leading people to really push the limits of the hardware. In a commercial environment, you’d often reach for a beefier microcontroller, sacrificing increased parts cost to gain time to market and room for the code to grow, but Arduino users have a natural boundary in how powerful their tools can be, so they’re rediscovering old techniques and inventing new ones to accomplish impressive feats like handling video with an atmega328.

  • News - Syndyn | about 3 years ago

    This technique could lend itself well to synchronizing a musical soundtrack to a game in real time. Don’t some video games do that? If done well, it could enhance the game while requiring a minimum of setup: wireless sensors on rackets, if the players are already wearing bluetooth-equipped heart rate monitors or shoes, pull information from them, embedded computer with mp3 player and music loops, and wireless (bluetooth?) connection to an amp and speakers.

  • News - Free Day Recap Video | about 3 years ago

    Thanks for doing free day! Ever since, I’ve been thinking about how to architect a server farm if you know it’s going to get slammed to the point that something’s going to melt.

  • Product COM-10312 | about 3 years ago

    That could be a lot of fun on a bike wheel.

  • Product COM-10129 | about 3 years ago

    It’s an intriguing little device–lots of features packed in there! What are people using to program them?

  • Product DEV-09734 | about 4 years ago

    The data sheet’s all about 802.15, but has anyone looked into whether, with (possibly a good bit of) extra software, this little guy could be convinced to talk to an 802.11 system? Are there any fundamental hardware limitations aside from maybe transmitter power?

  • News - Parts, and Parts of Parts… | about 4 years ago

    Ooh, interesting–I wouldn’t have expected a magnet to change the coil’s inductance enough to do the trick. I’ll definitely try it! Thanks for the thought!

  • News - Parts, and Parts of Parts… | about 4 years ago

    Y'know, I’ve always wanted a device that would mount somewhere low on a bike, detect when a stoplight is using one of those metal-detecting traffic sensors, and emit a strong enough signal to trigger the sensor. It only needs to run when the bike’s stationary (which the accelerometer could tell it) to save battery power. The sensors are supposed to detect bikes but often aren’t adjusted sensitively enough, so a really clever design would somehow notice whether or not it needs to step in (assuming that’s possible) and log the location of the misadjusted sensor. I don’t know exactly where the mux fits in, but by the time you got something that fancy together there’d probably be a use for it.
    Or you could do an electronic version of the card in the bike spokes. Hall effect sensor to detect wheel rotation, accelerometer for bumps in the road, and play your choice of sound sample.

  • Product PGM-09231 | about 4 years ago

    Mine came with the ribbon cable to connect to the ISP slot, but not with a USB cable. I borrowed the USB mini cable from a digital camera and it seems to work fine, but if you want everything together, order the USB mini cable right away.
    By the way, there’s some good info here on the avrdude command line options:

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