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  • Woah… I just set up almost the exact same system in my car last week, but using RFID instead of Nike+iPod. I had a spare remote, which I wired up to my Arduino and a Parallax serial RFID reader. I’m getting an RFID implant (similar to the glass tag you sell) soon that’ll allow me to walk up to the car and put my hand on the window to unlock the doors. I’m currently using the setup with a credit-card like tag that I keep in my wallet.
    Nice job writing this up. And for those of you who are concerned about security… Think about your average car burglar/thief. How many of them are going to go to the trouble of detecting the ID of a Nike+iPod/RFID tag and somehow rebroadcasting it to get into your car? Someone capable of pulling that off would probably be doing something other than breaking into cars in their spare time. Plus, it’d be way easier to just break the window.

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