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  • Alien Relics has some sage advice regarding the noise in the circuit. I'm just starting to build my ProtoPedal with a Tympan inside. Tympan is based on Teensy 3.6, so this guide is pretty useful for me to start off with. I did find the line6 developer's kit. your URL is busted. Change it to https://line6.com/legacy/tcddk.

  • I have a dog, and I have tried, but he shakes it off his head and then tests it's flavor! You will really need to test various anatomy of rodents. Works best with capillary tissues. My first thought would be to select a part of the anatomy that wouldn't contribute much movement noise, then shave the area, and attach the sensor with a double-stick tape. Crazy! Might work. Ear is possibility, but the ear membrane is rather thin. Worth testing... and easy to test, with the Pulse Sensor! btw, i am part owner of Pulse Sensor

  • Current consumption of the sensor is ~4mA

  • Must emphasize that it is not advised to pot the circuit in clear epoxy! Doing that will likely cover the LED in epoxy, and will add lensing to the LED which can kill the Pulse Sensor functionality. If you must pot the Pulse Sensor, be very careful. The Getting Started Guide has useful tips for sealing the front and back. RSP, you are right about the ESD. Those Microchip op-amps are tough buggers. (disclosure: i am one of the guys behind Pulse Sensor)