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  • In the 70’s I did some work with Barber-Coleman for remote solar powered well pumps. They had a small amonia or freon turbine. The idea was to use a flat plate tracking solar water heater (which we already made) as the hot side and the well water as the cold side to recondense the fluid.
    Something like that could work for you. You will need a heat dump. A radiator pointed at the night sky with a reflector to block it from the ground does pretty good. It is looking at about 3 degrees K if there was no air. Otherwise a big bag of water kept in the shade but also exposed to the open sky where the sun ain’t.
    The other ideas about pumping uphill are probably the easiest. Maybe your storage tank could be built into the top of Burning Man. It could power a massive array of white LEDs before it burns, like a solar powered Las Vegas Burning Man!

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