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  • Anybody remember the whole Fake Atmel sturm-and-drang Sparkfun themselves went through a few years ago ? That to me says that "Avoiding eBay" or "Ensuring you purchase from a reliable vendor" isn't really a solution. You could get fakes from anywhere. This is just a bad, bad move on FTDI's part.

  • True, but try to get people who are instrumental in DESIGN, not just Industrial or Consumer Electronics Design, but DESIGN...and see if you can get anybody to actually give you the time of day and/or not want $50K for the effort up front.

  • I must have been either really careful or really lucky or both because even though it took me a couple weekends to build this, it powered up, booted and worked successfully the first time.
    This was my first serious SMD project and it definitely required some effort and patience. I found a couple places where I put placed something in backwards or put a capacitor in where a resistor should go, but managed to catch all of that before actually powering it on.
    Oh, I have the RCA connector on my kit.

  • I just have to give you guys props for posting this and opening it up to discussion at all.
    With most companies, if they found out their products were being used like this, they'd be all "LALALALALA NOT US, WE DIDN'T DO IT, NOBODY SAW US, HA! WE WAVE OUR LAWYER THREATENINGLY IN YOUR DIRECTION!!"
    I think by being open about ALL potential uses of your stuff, you build a case against those who might likely knee-jerk against you in a paranoid and misinformed way.
    My respect for your company just went up at least another notch or two.

  • As an IT Professional with over 25 years experience in the field of computing and electronics and as a frequent customer of both Sun Microsystems AND SparkFun, I can assure all parties that I definitely know the difference between an Arduino microcontroller such as what SparkFun sells and the SPARC family of enterprise CPUs that SPARC sells.
    This member(and I'm sure many others) of the "relevant purchasing group" is not in the least confused about the products that either company sells nor the spelling of their respective names.

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