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  • It emits a low-volume high frequency tone while charging and it is giving me a headache. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • The video has no sound, every JPG is duplicated, but worst of all - you mention the absolute necessity of using a temp-controlled soldering station but neglect to mention what temp to set it at. But don't get me wrong - I still appreciate that you made this tutorial.

  • So, I am not clear on one thing. Once power has been turned on, does pushing the switch again turn power off or do you have to pulse the OFF pin to kill the power?

  • I am using a netbook with a low resolution screen and it turns out that menus containing a long list of items do not scroll vertically as I assumed they would, but wrap onto an extra column of items. I never saw this behavior before and so missed the last few items in the menu, including Design Rules. Thanks for your help.

  • I am using Eagle 6.2.0 Light edition and there is no Design Rules item in the Edit menu.

  • BatchPCB keeps failing my boards because of traces being too narrow (0.0039000000 < 0.0081000002). I am using AutoRouter and I don't see where to change trace size. You suggest 10 mils but don't ever say where to set that value. I tried changing the Routing grid value, but no matter what I enter there, the traces are always 8 mil so I guess that is not where to set it. Please advise!

  • I found one at Digikey (part number A98334-ND) with a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch.

  • If this part is really on the Eagle library, I can't find it by searching for screw, terminal, or prt-08084. I believe I have the latest library as of 5/7/09. How do I find it in the library?

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