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  • It should be mentioned in the product text that the device is unusable without buying connectors, which aren't stocked by Sparkfun :-/

  • FWIW I wrote a Python3 interface for this, works on my RasPi: https://github.com/AKAMEDIASYSTEM/py-tca9534

  • Nope, it's because interacting with you is a waste of my time. Goodbye!

  • [this was a comment in support of Mr. Electrical's observation that the maker community is inherently political]

    I've edited this post only because I'm not able to delete it. I wish to delete it because I'm not interested in spending more time on this.

  • I'd love to see usable documentation for this product, since it's a much-needed non-Uno shield.

    Some basic questions with no obvious (spelled out in the product description) answers:

    • In what orientation does this mount to a Pro Mini?

    • What is the pinout for this product? (It's ambiguous and time-consuming to try to match the schematic to the product, and not everybody wants to open up Eagle to figure out how the schematic and the board match up)

    • What, exactly, is different between this product and the IDEO page you link to? I appreciate you linking to inspiration/designer's page, but in this case the ambiguity between what this does and what the IDEO item does is unhelpful.

    While I love the idea behind this product, it's by far the worst-documented and most time-consuming thing I've ever purchased on Sparkfun.

  • I guess there's a budding numismatist at Sparkfun? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_coinage

  • I like this shield but it would be great to have a version that left pin 3 available (the way the original shield did) to be used as an interrupt pin for counting motor encoder ticks.
    (Although, having said that, I'm having trouble counting ticks fast/accurately enough, does anyone have any resources to help me count ticks quickly?)

  • Has anyone actually found the appropriate couplers on mcmaster? I can't find anything that's metric and smaller than 10mm...
    Thanks, AKA

  • Careful - even though these are 2-axis accelerometers, they come on a breakout board with a pinout for a third axis (Z).
    If you work in a lab that stocks both the 2- and the 3-axis versions, mark the 2-axis ones with a Sharpie to avoid some irritating debugging...