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  • Ohh, I miss you folks and all the shenanigans we would get up to. Life just isn't the same without Fifi and Fernald. Is someone taking care of Swampy, at least?

  • Check out our Customer Service section at the top of the page for info about creating an account, payment methods, shipping options, and all that kind of stuff. Or give us a call or shoot us an email.

  • OK fellow SparkFunions...can we make this a kit? Because I would buy/build the heck out of a kit like that, if only to annoy my cats in the most hilarious way possible.

  • The box reads, "Put the stuff what goes down stairs for those guy to do what they will in their flamboyant tomfoolery...meng."
    As you may have guessed, Gordon wrote that wondrous prose.
    This is one of the restock boxes here in Customer Service. Returns come in, get opened and cataloged, and restockable stuff goes in the boxes then heads downstairs to the warehouse. It's all about as interesting as it sounds...but it's made more interesting by flamboyant tomfoolery.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We've been notified of a product revision from the manufacturer that the DB9 cutout (far right cutout) is no longer included. There will be only two cutouts now (middle and far left).

  • Nice! I'ma add this to our repertoire of responses here in Customer Service.

  • Sorry, but we're starting at 9am Mountain time, and Free Day funds will not be held in reserve depending on which meridian the sun happens to be crossing at any given point in time. If your time zone is different, you may have to stay up either really late or wake up really early :-/ I suggest all our faraway members plan ahead and set their alarm clocks!
    But hey, a Free-Day-themed all-nighter might be fun, right? Right?

  • Gutenberg's printing press --> easier/cheaper to disseminate ideas widely --> increased literacy rates --> populace more educated --> higher portion of populace able (granted, not always willing) to think for themselves --> gradual increase in technology, communication, entrepreneurship, progress of society.
    It may have taken the better portion of a millennium for this particular example, but you can clearly trace the "open exchange of ideas across industries and society [which is] is necessary to produce lasting, sustainable, meaningful change."

  • Any amount you like!

  • Absolutely!