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  • One thing they didn't mention, is this size is great for making your own breadboard jumper wires. 22AWG is perfect for this. I bought some of this from a guy on eBay a few years ago, and have used it every since. Great to have around the shop.

  • Well I managed to fry two of these... I thought I could get away with wiring them in series using 12V. They ran for a few seconds and then will no longer work.... Well it was fun while it lasted.

    I would have thought two in series would pull about 6V each. I did have them hooked to a 25AMP powersupply and maybe at that voltage they were able to pull too much current.

    I think I will have to order a few more, they are too much fun not to have around to scare people with.

  • I just received one of these, but I�m not very familiar with Arduino. I also have a TTL-232R-3v3 cable and have the unit running and can see that several values are being sent at 115,200 baud. I loaded the 1.9v into the Arduino IDE 1.0 but the code does not verify. What board definition do I use to download?

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