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Flux Dispersal, LLC

Member Since: April 13, 2010

Country: United States



Flux Dispersal is an R&D company specializing in disruptive technologies. Our inaugural product, the MuzzleSafe™ proximity gun safety, is a patent-pending technology that will virtually eliminate gun accidents where adopted. Our Chief of Engineering is the infamous mad scientist and YouTube personality Peter Alaric, who also invented the AirHarp®, among other things.


Arizona State University New Mexico Tech Santa Barbara City College


http://www.AirHarp.com http://www.FluxDispersal.com http://www.Lyratron.com http://www.MuzzleSafe.com http://www.PeterAlaric.com

  • Didn't see your comment when I posted mine... It appears we share the same sentiment, DAS01. My startup is currently in the process of obtaining a patent, and it has been nothing but a giant hole in the ground to pour money into. The USPTO lives to screw you over on the most trivial points. They are the real trolls here...

  • The patent costs aren't too low; they're FAR too high. Far too high for your typical garage inventor to obtain a patent without mortgaging his house. Yet these fees are still low enough that the "evil corporations" have no trouble obtaining patents. It's almost as though these government regulations are designed to favor big business by stifling competition from small business...

  • Looks like you may have solved my problem with a bigger switch... I have a previous version of this board that developed a problem where the power switch was arcing internally, causing a failure to register radiation events. The "snap" sound of the arc was audible, and if you inspected the power switch at the correct angle, you could even see the corresponding flash of light. I fixed it by cutting and desoldering both leads on the "OFF" side of the SPDT switch. Evidently it was arcing from the center pole to the OFF side. Just FYI, in case anyone else has this problem with the older version of the board (the one with a tiny surface mount switch). Looking at this newer design, I doubt it will continue to be a problem and I'm guessing this is why SFE elected for a larger switch in this updated model. Don't throw away your old board, though! It's a quick fix. :-) Cheers! ~P

  • GOOD NEWS!! We're now selling AirHarp Shield kits! The AirHarp Shield transforms your hacked Arduino Uno into a class compliant USB MIDI controller. See more at:

  • the AirHarp actually started out as a [pitch quantized, MIDI] theremin, but then i had the idea to arpeggiate chords rather than play melodies and everything just fell into place. i have a Moog Etherwave theremin that i built from a kit. it's a fun and magical instrument, though very challenging to play. the theremin is exclusively a melodic instrument while the AirHarp is intrinsically harmonic, so the two aren't really in the same class, though they could be used to accompany each other. :?)
    there's an awesome documentary about Lev Sergeyevich Termen (a.k.a. "Leon Theremin") on Netflix. they interviewed many of the people involved in the early days of the theremin, including the great virtuosa Clara Rockmore, before they died. poor guy - the Soviets nabbed Dr. Termen and dragged him back to Moscow to force him to work on things like laser microphones. i actually built a laser mic in college. ...i hope nobody tries to kidnap me now! :?o

  • Connor: that's beautiful, man! Huge props. Active light sensors are a real challenge to work with and a frameless laser harp is just that much more complex. Stephen Hobley is a certified badass and just a real good guy in my book. What an honor for your project to be featured on his page! I'm still beaming that he took the time to chat with me once or twice (considering that he surely had better things to do, like build a fusion reactor out of a discarded weed whacker). :?P

  • I'm sure in the not-too-distant future, there will be a machine they strap you into and then you wake up with the memory of having played a harp... on Mars. ;?)

  • or if you're into Baroque...
    Lascia ch'io pianga on AirHarp

  • Critical Update: the published version of the firmware has been updated to enable the transpose button on the AirHarp Shield. i use this same firmware for multiple instruments i build, including light harps and shadow harps, and sometimes it takes a little shoehorning to get the same code to run on multiple devices with different architectures. i didn't realize anyone was paying attention, so i've been lax in updating the published files! everything should now be up-to-date. :?)

  • OMG what an honor!!! SparkFun, you ROCK!! :D
    I just added Eagle and Gerber files to AirHarp.com. I would have done this sooner, but I wasn't expecting to find myself on the friggin' SparkFun home page!!! :D :D :D
    You guys are awesome. Please direct any and all inquiries to info at lightharp dot com. I love chatting with fellow nerdwads and I'm always eager to help. :?)
    ~ Peter

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