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  • It would be cool, if the color of sparkfun meters has to be changed, if we could vote on possible colors. I think red is too close to the POS I used to have, so i'd vote for blue or green :p

  • Nate, man -- these are valuable lessons. Some of them I've learned the hard way, even as a low level manager.

    Also, my other tip is -- don't be afraid to reinvent the wheel. There are many products out there, and surely a lot of designs might just be improvement on something else. Remember, the wheel didn't start off as a rubber tire on aluminum or steel rims -- It probably started off as a round rock or log on a shaft, and took several stages to get where it is now. I see a lot of people shy away from ideas because there is something that is already somewhat like that. Instead of making them feel stupid for having an idea that's already done, I try to help them compare their way to the other product's way, and help them to think along the lines of "how could we make it better" -- if any of that makes sense

  • is there some sort of sticky-back thermal paper you could print with this, for example if you wanted to make a barcode sticker for something..?

  • another possibility for pumping liquids is an aquarium powerhead. i dont think they work so well if you want any amount of pressure, but if you're just using it to move liquid they work quite well....

  • I wonder how many pounds of snow this could push. all it needs is some autonomy -- and a chair that i can ride it from for the fun of it :)

  • this is a neat chart, and it also shows how stuff flows downhill if you knwo what i mean...
    shows who Nate gets to yell at, and who that person gets to chose between to yell at, etc :)
    LOL very cool, this chart :)

  • Wow -- these are sold out?
    i shoulda got some while i had the chance they're pretty neat.

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