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  • Sweet new product post. I am noticing a curious trend when Nathan comes for Friday Product Posts. There are no blooper takes! What up with that? virgo calling out a virgo. ;)

  • Brooklyn Robot Foundry rocks. I can not wait until my daughter is old enough to go. She can not wait either. She points at their magnet on our fridge and says go go go robot go. It is a great idea that I hope grows to reach many other areas.

  • After getting bored with the captchas I started playing with resetwins. I got an ID 10 T code which was amusing =) then somehow gave $100 to the guy before me or at least thats what it said. I vote for next year being something along the lines of the python challenge site. Has to be a way to mimic that but with electronic issues to solve and riddles in your sites source code.

  • Other than being annoyed at the captcha stuff as plenty of others have noted I fail to see how this is a loadtest of the Sparkfun website anymore? Are we loadtesting recaptcha's site as a favor to Sparkfun? I thought part of the reason for this was to harden the Sparkfun website. How are we helping to harden the site with this Free Day?

  • Anyone in IT worried about being scientific and comparing apples to apples? I understand the 2 month window to place orders helps with shipping. After all it is cruel to loadtest humans instead of machines. :p But in the end if you want to see how you do compared to last time you wont be getting the same test of the shopping cart access. That alone might improve the results. Although I suppose you did totally overhaul the website as well as purchased more servers so it could never be apples to apples anyway. Coming out of a meeting on loadtesting our own sites I find the problem to be very interesting. Would love a geeky followup on the tools and methods you use to monitor the site. From it looks like you have some rrd? cacti? ganglia? stuff. What else? An even more detailed IT follow-up of this years Free Day would be sweet! Good luck guys.

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