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  • After reading a little more about the Arduino Microcontroller, I found the following link:
    It says that the 1 MOhm resistor should limit the voltage. Is this a safe assumption?
    Also, is there a way of connecting the Rx and Tx of the microcontroller to the Tx and Rx of the MP3 Trigger so that when a certain file name is playing, such as Kick_Drum_1, the corresponding name would appear on a serial LCD display that I connect to the Arduino?
    Thanks for your help.

  • I recently purchased the MP3 Trigger and the Arduino Microcontroller. I also purchased a ddrum red drum trigger. I wanted the MP3 Trigger to output the audio file when the trigger was asserted. Is this possible? If so, where do I solder the wires? (I am using an open-circuit, mono 1/4" input jack and am going to solder 2 wires from the jack to the MP3 Trigger TRIG1 input)

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