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  • Wow, only 3 comments (so far)? When I saw the title of today's topic, I thought it was going to generate thousands of comments -- and probably a flame war!

    I just want to mention my own favorite operating system: FreeBSD. It's another version of open source Unix, like Linux, but based on the original BSD Unix sourcecode rather than written independently, as Linux was. We use FreeBSD here for everything, and people are often surprised at how much you can do with open source software (firefox or chrome for web-browsing, libreoffice for documents/spreadsheets/etc., gnucash for finances, avr-gcc and avrdude for compiling and running code for Atmel microcontrollers, Geda for electronic CAD, etc.). Though it's a little more work to get comfortable in than Windows or OS/X are, it's worth it for the total control you have when you use an open source operating system, and open source programs. It's your computer; you should know what's running on it! So for those of you contemplating learning something like Linux or FreeBSD, I would strongly recommend it.

  • "I hope they fixed the alignment problems -- if it would just not hit my lips this time," thought Carl nervously, as he began working up the courage for another frightening test of the experimental Laser Toothbrush.

  • I am NICK , God of Electronics!
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and -- oh wait, my lightsaber went out; lemme start over ...

  • By Odin -- those pesky mortals were right, after all! Shooting this NERF weapon IS superior to throwing that stupid Hammer!

  • No, I don't know what the pig is for. He just said to bring one in about 10 minutes, and he would make history.

  • In a shameless attempt to appeal to Middle Earth fans, Gandalf the Wizard has been cast as Maverick's perky new sidekick in Top Gun 2: Lord of the Wings.

  • Puzzled, Pallbearer Pete promptly performs preliminary postmortem on previously-peppy, painstakingly-produced, puffed-polypropylene plane, post its perpendicular, propeller-pulverizing plunge.

  • This week, Will and Shawn demonstrate the AtMega328's new compatibility with Bluetooth and "Sweetooth".

  • Introducing a new data communication protocol produced by the unique collaboration between Hershey's Chocolate and Atmel Electronics: Sweetooth!

  • In case anyone wants to know: this board is working perfectly for me with an ATMega1284P chip (which is like a souped-up ATMega32: 128K of program memory, 16K RAM, extra timers, 2 UARTs, etc.).