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  • I've got a couple of these boards, they work great, very pleased. I have a particular application where I'd like to drive an LED fixture using these boards. The fixture has two channels: one blue, one white. Each channel is spec'ed for 24 watts max at 12v. I'm constrained to stay at the 12v voltage level in this application, so at least 2A would be needed per channel. Since the femtobuck can drive up to 660mA, would it be feasible to run 3 or 4 femtobuck outputs in parallel to drive a single channel? I'm very curious if this would be a suitable idea or this is merely a terrible, horrible, & foolish idea. Thanks fellow Sparkfunians!

  • Looks like the link got moved to https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/femtobuck-constant-current-led-driver-hookup-guide-v12

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