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  • As far as I can tell, none of that is possible. The support team did not tell me of an API, and the device itself does not appear to respond to ICMP or have any open/listening ports. It makes DNS requests and opens a TCP connection to their server, and that’s it so far.

  • Thanks for the teardown! I installed my nest a week and a half ago and have really enjoyed it so far. I was interested in the protocol, so I captured the network traffic at my gateway.

    The nest does frequent dns lookups for something in, which currently maps to an amazon EC2 instance. Then it makes a TCP connection to port 9543 which it seems to hold open. This probably is so that when you go to the nest website it’s able to instantly communicate with your thermostat and not have to worry about your firewall. I think the traffic is encrypted, but it looked like a self signed SSL certificate. I didn’t dig any deeper at the time.

    I wrote the support team and asked if there was an API I could use to get temperature graphs out of either their website or the device itself, and they said they did not yet have one. So my next course of action will be to see if there is any information I can glean from the protocol itself as it passes through my gateway and record/graph that. I just want a temperature graph of my house as measured by this thermostat, or a record of heater on/off in a format I can control.

    The nest thermostat itself did not respond to any of my network mapping attempts.