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  • I'm curious, is there a reason you tie the Output Pullup resistor to 5V and not IOREF? Then it could be used with 3.3V CPU boards also?

  • If you'd like a working example schematic for this, I have posted one at : https://github.com/PatternAgents/Videre/blob/master/Videre/hardware/Videre_SCH.pdf

    The Videre is an open-source hardware Arduino Shield that includes a Cortex-M0 to drive the display, and can be used with I2C,SPI, or UART from an Arduino... see http://www.patternagents.com/projects/Videre.html


  • This uses a lot of pins! A better version would be able to select the interface, UART, I2C or SPI... This one does that all, has a color backlight, and uses an ARM Cortex for more horsepower : http://www.patternagents.com/projects/Videre.html

  • Yes, some folks had mentioned that they needed to rename their layer files - so I wanted to mention the CAM file link - then the names come out as needed for quick upload... (so I guess you did it right!)

    regards, mox

  • I've done over a dozen boards at OSHpark and they have all been flawless and very high quality. So you will not be disappointed in the service. The increase in volume (with BatchPCB) also translates to faster turnaround time.

    A few notes: It's easier if you use their CAM file to generate your gerber files. http://magic.laen.org/pcb/LaenPCBOrder.cam

    and their DRC file for checking : http://oshpark.com/LaenPCBOrder.dru

    With the extra load, their servers may take a while to process a complex board - but it's worked great for me.

    regards, mox

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