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  • ... you're reading my mind, don't you, mr. or mrs. sparkfun???*

    i sooo was looking for any "meccano", "metallus", ... ..... kind-of-contemporary mechanic components builders set that runs small-pitched gears (that should even be compatible with "tamiya"'s "mini 4wd"'s product range as far as i understand the specs parameters).

    *... am desperatly looking for a 1:250smthng and higher ratio gearbox that i can assemble/construct myself for a reasonable pricing ...

    since "actobotics" is still quite new i guess that they will add some worm- and helical- gear elements the sooner or later, examples of compound gearwheel constructions with all the pins, axles, screws, holders etc. needed for a proper diy gearbox and really looking forward to it;

    thanks, again, for being so considerate, helpful & innovative with the choice of your products, sparkfun!

  • researching "linear"'s dot com's "LTC3588"'s applications i wonder, which input devices one may use to generate the energy; (any device that generates at least >= 1.5V aa(a) battery charge's). besides some electronic components' vendors extremely expensive piezo elements ... is there any source you would recommend?

  • thanks for all of these helpful information on wireless connection components !
    i am a "newbee to electronic circuitry",
    did my googling & research on the picaxe (uk) forum(s), "instructable", "letsmakerobots",
    "makezine", "fritzing" sites and wonder,
    if you might even recommend additional links providing examples projects
    such as ..."how to code e.g. signals, wire rf components, breadboard & test them, ..."
    ... probably even for picaxe?
    ... ... eventhough i know that rf technolgies is not typically for "newbees" &
    this review already is much more than one could expect from a company
    selling these components (... thanks a lot for all this, again )
    best regards!

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