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  • Isn't it illegal in the US to conduct contests where all entrants don't have an equal chance of winning? I tired getting to your servers, but got so many errors I could not take the quiz.
    You should cancel this mad rush, or make it so that like other contests, everyone has an equal chance of winning.

  • One tip I have learned, is that you can practice your stenciling using toothpaste! It's about the same consistency as solder paste. Once you know you've got your technique down, you can switch to the $$$ real stuff.
    I use my PCB layout software to produce a stencil. Then I print to Toner Transfer, and etch a .005 brass shim stock that I can get from K&S at my local hobby store. Just a couple bucks for the .005, and it produces good stencils.
    I set the grow radius for the pads to -6 . I find this helps keep the solder paste to a more controlled location and helps guard against bridging. Especially because I often reflow to a DIY PCB without a solder mask for protos.
    Anybody have any tips for DIY solder mask? I've used the Testors Acrylic, but that covers over the pads, and so only works well for hand soldering. I've seen a Youtube video for a UV curable paint, but have not seen it for sale anywhere. SparkFun could get a large quantity and bottle it down?

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