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  • Please Please build a version of this with a SMA rather than the super fragile u.FL....

  • I'd do it with LADAR rather than GPS... So if you have a no gps bonus that would be nice...


  • Are you not going to offer the No GPS bonus this year?

  • Are you going to have hay bales or anything similar lining the course this year?
    If so will the corner posts be out away from the bales so our bots can "See" them? Your parking lot has white lines and "curb islands" will these be unobstructed? IE nothing painted on the parking lot and nothing in front of the "curb islands"? Just checking, No bonus other than time for going through the short cut... correct?

  • Is the ground course going to be around the parking lot... or around the building? IE can we range find off of a straight wall...

  • I asked some questions and Robert answered them... I though they should be public...

    1)One can get free real time differential GPS corrections over the internet. called NTRIP ....(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Networked_Transport_of_RTCM_via_Internet_Protocol)

    Can I have a cellular modem on both ground and air vehicles that will establish an TCP/IP connection to this service? The modem will not communicate with any other devices or end points. (This is functionally equivalent to the Omnistar satellite system I used last year, but its free as opposed to $1500/yr to subscribe.)

    2)Are you going to change the hoop color or other wise make it easier to find optically?

    3)Can you provide any details on the balloons, ie exact color or model number, approximate height or any other additional info?

    4)Could one laser range the balloons and upload this info before the flight?

    5)Based on some testing it seems that a copter and a balloon are not going to be happy colliding with each other.... if I put a sharp stick on the copter may I have a manual RC control to either uncover the point or change the direction it points to a safe direction where I can arm /disarm this in flight under 100% manual control for safety reasons...

    Roberts answers... 1) I can't see a reason why not. We don't allow base stations, but the Internet isn't really a base station. I'd say that's fine.

    2) The hoop remains the same color this year. Yeah, it's tricky, but that's part of the challenge.

    3) They are 36" diameter (roughly), red balloons. Check Amazon. I'm not sure exactly which ones we ended up with, but it's just a basic red balloon. We will be releasing more information on them in a course preview video. No information will be given on their location or height. This will be a surprise to everyone.

    4) Yes. Keep this in mind though, they will be loosely tethered, and if there's wind, they will be flying all over the place. Their location will remain constant throughout the day, but if someone pops one, we will put it back in roughly the same place, but it won't be exact. I would use a rough "it's in this general area" coupled with some vision system.

    5) This is a tough question. We want to make the balloons a challenge. Plus, this gives a bit of advantage (theoretically) to the fixed wing entrants. If you have some sort of stick, you could have it 'disarmed' with a switch, but doing so would disqualify the run. So, start with it 'armed' and if you need to disarm it for safety concerns, it would be equivalent to taking over control of the vehicle, thus disqualifying the run. Does that make sense?

  • Ok a rules question.... I can't put in transmitters etc...., Last year I used the omnistar HP GPS RTK service. (Broadcasts GPS corrections from a satellite)

    Looking for lighter solutions this year can I use a cell phone on the vehicle to contact an NTRIP service for GPS RTK? Can I set up my own NTRIP GPS RTK base station offsite, but in the area? Can I setup my own NTRIP GPS RTK base station on site (In the back of my car) using only the cell system (IE no added transmitters)?

  • 1" PVC OD (where the clamp fits) is the same for all schedules... its the thickness/ID that varies.

  • For fixed wing aircraft I'd like to see an Acrobatics contest out over the lake. IE the big boys have a known sequence fly one of them See :https://www.iac.org/




  • I wrote two blog post entries about the winning Doping class effort... See: Part i http://unreasonablerocket.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-just-returned-from-sparkfun-2013-avc.html Part II: http://unreasonablerocket.blogspot.com/2013/06/avc-part-2.html

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