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  • Love this board.

  • Companies will do that so you'll make that distinction without any legal implications.

    Arduino: Seeeduino, Freeduino. Pretty sure Seeeduino didn't invent the Arduino template, but now I can remember Seeeduino makes Arduino-like stuff!

    These probably are a "Smart Tweezers" knockoff. :)

  • Anyone know the best antenna shape for best range?

    I'm trying to rig up a detector to tell when the mailman has dropped off the mail, but so far the receiver starts failing just ~5' from the mailbox.

    So far I have a 5/8 wavelength antenna, completely coiled. The whole thing is powered on 12V, which is the rated maximum of the transmitter.

    Is straight better than coiled?

  • Reading this I was sure you were going for jetpack xD

  • Yep, mine did the same thing. Except mine actually cracked the whole faceplate in a couple places as well.
    Reattached the prong, and still had to throw away adapter... put out 9V and seemed to short whenever a load was applied lol.
    Still, the price is pretty hard to beat..

  • I'll take 10!

  • Hehe... "ZIFF socket"

  • 300 degrees of rotation, +/- 10 degrees.
    It's right on the top of the datasheet :P

  • Can one of these be rigged to charge two of the following in parallel?
    I realize the charging time would be a lot slower.

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