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  • In the code example provided below (thank you!!!) I noticed that the wire.send is for 0x50, whereas the documentation specifies 0x32 for the heading. Can anyone clarify this? Thank you again.

    Arduino CPP Code HMC6343

    include "WProgram.h"



    include "HMC6343.h"

    int HMC6343::getAngle()
    byte headingData[6];
    Wire.requestFrom(HMC6343::i2cAddress, 6);
    int i = 0;
    while(Wire.available() && i < 6)
    headingData[i] = Wire.receive();
    return (headingData[0]*256 + headingData[1])/10;

  • Any suggestions on equipment to use to solder the very fine pins of the header onto this breakout board? the modem module cannot be soldered directly as that voids the warranty.

  • Is this the TTL-to-RS232 converter board below a good option to add RS232 functionality to existing serial digital pins 0 and 1 on Arduino?

  • Is the SirF's default output NMEA or binary? Is that selectable?
    Is there a way to tell the GPS module (if SirF) what NMEA sentences to generate? (for ex GPGGA only, to cut down on processor load).

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