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  • I am having trouble using the openLog with NewSoftSerial on an Arduino Uno. It seems to log alright and I can get the openLog into command mode but when I have openLog return serial data (with commands like ls or ?) there are random characters missing. For example ? returns:
    OpenLog v2.5
    Basic commands:
    new : Creates
    append : Appends text to end of . The texti edfo h ATi temadi o cod iihb edn tlz(SI 6
    m drcoy rae ietr ald
    I have rx set to pin 6 and tx set to pin 7. GRN connected to reset on the Arduino. Otherwise I have GND and VCC to 5V connected. Changing the baud rate does not improve things.
    Any advice? Is NewSoftSerial not capable to receive the serial data correctly or do I need additional settings?
    Thanks in advance.

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