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  • Nice solution, a couple of questions. Does this provide enough power to power things plugged into the Zero USB? Is there an issue using this while also supplying power to the Zero via power-in micro-USB?

  • As a designer I have had people selling my designs. I have two types of things I load to Thingiverse general stuff which I license as CC-BY-SA, and others which I put more effort or ingenuity into, which I license as CC-BY-NC-SA, as I would not want anyone profiting from my work. So I'm quite happy for individuals to make the latter, or make one for a friend (even being compensated for consumables), but as soon as profit is involved that really gets me annoyed. Someone contacted me about my Dyson tool holder and said she didn't have a 3D printer, so I loaded it to Shapeways so she could have one, and I had a small markup. That started a small hobby of other stuff for sale there.

    A few days ago someone in Norway notified me, at Thingiverse, that prints of two of my designs were being sold online there. I have sent a email asking for them to be take down, there is little else that can be done. The hobby income doesn't cover costs, let alone lawyers. This has happened before. The unfortunate effect is that I tend to load fewer such things to Thingiverse, or load a basic version that is less attractive or fewer features than one I will sell.

    Ebay etc. are full of people selling others designs without permission, if you haven't seen the problem in this area, have a read of this (from 2016) and some of the comments. The worst thing is when challenged they think they have the right to do so using some really creative logic that has zero relationship to the law.

  • +1 - please fix.

  • So if you go over the line multi times (vertically stacked, or horizontally thick) does it reduce the resistance?

  • Not that you have your new NOT YELLOW multimeter, how about an overview of what you had to do to decide on the new colour?

  • You can see the flange sticking out, at the top, in the picture on the diagonal. Would have been better to have one up, one down.

  • "to turn it off simply remove power" I think you should add "after shutting down".

  • +1 imperial sux. I've seen this stuff at Servocity and wished for a metric equivalent for a long time... But I got a 3D printer so now I just make what I need and use microrax/makerbeam, or just extruded alum from the hardware store as structural elements. One day we will be printing metals at home...

  • In this rare photo we see Nigel perform the traditional rain dance to bring forth lightning while Dr Frankenstein and assistant apply the electrodes. History shows what happens next.

  • Unlike the others; having seen this all before, Rover stays on the safe side.

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