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  • If you don't reflow much of the time, this makes a pretty nice "general purpose" board as well, although you have to pull the MAX chip to get at two of the unused I/O pins.
    Just pull the PIC and shelve it until you need the toaster control again.
    I cobbled together a quick "high temperature alarm" the other day, using the LCD, relay, thermocouple, and switch inputs to adjust the set point. You could also use it as a quick general purpose serial LCD solution with very little programming required.

  • A few important observations to note:
    1) Component layout drawing is NOT included. It's pretty intuitive, but not good for teaching your teen the how-to's of soldering according to supplied documentation in a kit. If you can read a schematic, you can figure it out via the silkscreen without too much trouble (unless you need tri-focals like me).
    2) One of the caps in the kit I received wasn't the value shown in the schematic. It worked anyway.
    3) The relay issue that others have noted still has not been addressed (as of mid May 2010), and required a 4.7k resistor in parallel with the 10k to the base of the transistor. I just piggy-backed it on.
    4) Kit's code is the real redeeming feature here, saving a ton of time, and it's pretty slick. I observed the temperature with a 1200W, 4 element (2 top, to bottom) toaster oven and it followed the target temperature pretty impressively.

  • I'm a little puzzled by Kit Ryan's use of RB3 as "status" since a resistor/LED could have been run in parallel with the transistor driver via RB4, saving this control line for something more helpful - for example, a "done sequence" output that could be used to open the toaster-oven door, start a fan, etc. for assisted cool-down.
    Unfortunately, I use PICBASIC PRO and am a C-dummy, so a rewrite from what's otherwise an ingenious program is difficult.
    Is anyone else able to make this small change in code and submit the recompiled hexfile?

  • What kind of power limitations does this thread have? i.e.- could it be used as a conductive thread heating element in a jacket liner?

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