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  • Some more about the efficiency of this device, powering an ATmega328P at 8MHz (internal oscillator) at 3.3V from a single AA Eneloop battery reading 1.3V.
    * Active: 3.8mA out 13.2mA in or 73% efficiency
    * Active with small LED on: 8.0mA out 30.2mA in or 67% efficiency
    * PowerDown Mode: 4.8uA out 470uA in or ~3% efficiency
    Running it from 2 AAs (2.6V) improved the efficiency
    * Active: 3.8mA/6.2mA (78%)
    * Active with LED: 8.0mA/11.6mA (88%)
    * PowerDown: 4.8uA/230uA (3%)
    A fantastic device if you're going to be running all the time, but a little power hungry if you're designing something to run several months on a single battery.

  • The speed doesn't come from the ATMega8u2, it comes from the Arduino booloader running at 115200baud. You can use this to upload at 115kbps too: just burn the Uno bootloader to your target device. You also get another 1kB of program memory. Win/win!

  • I already had one, what what!
    EDIT: Oh golly wrong email address.

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