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  • Nice looking, but non-conductive?! This is not the ESD protection we're looking for.

  • As the inventor of the 30 sided die (`82 patent application eventually refused) kudos! But sad that the ugly duckling of dice wasn't represented.

  • The big advantage to the Gray code output (thanks, Frank Gray!) is that debounce becomes a non-issue. According to the data sheet, you know you're at the detent when A=1. You're between detents when A=0 but you can wait to declare the cange complete until A=1 again. When there's chatter on A, B will be rock-solid telling you the change is clockwise or counter-clockwise. Once you decide you're at the new detent, you need to move a full half detent to get to the previous value. It's a fun mental exercise to run through an application with chatter.

  • I already thought sparkfun was one of the best companies out there. This kind of attention to the customer just isn't found these days.
    Even if I spaz out on the critical day and miss out on the amazing bonus, you have my respect and sincere appreciation!

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