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  • I can't tell from the datasheet what kind of ranges it can handle. Obviously in the video the hand is less than a foot from the sensor, but what about 20 feet? 40 feet? 1000 feet?

  • also remember to have the xbee oriented properly.
    the pointy part points away from the serial jack.
    see sparkfun's picture if you're in doubt.

  • mine didn't work, then i realized that the board needs power. the board says 5-16vdc. pretty sure serial doesn't deliver power, and a USB to serial adapter probably doesn't deliver power either.
    red LED should come on by the on/off switch.
    just to be safe, i set it to off before i connected everything.
    digi recommended a straight up serial connection, so i bought this board instead of the USB. i was having issues with XCTU thru my Xbee --> Xbee arduino shield --> arduino, so that's also why i bought this.

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