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  • I was able to get the "Blink" sketch to work and I could connect to my router with the sketch "Posting to Phant" if i commented out the Phant library calls. I am connecting to a standalone router because of network/firewall limitations. I made the "AP Web Server" sketch work by substituing WiFi.mode(WIFI_AP) with WiFi.mode(WIFI_STA). I found about 18 examples for the ESP8266 installed by the ESP8266 Arduino Addon and tried them. None of the examples worked. Are the examples designed to work with the ESP-01 module(WRL-13678)? Is the ESP8266 Thing somehow different than the ESP-01 module? The code compiles and uploads and the board connects to the router. The WiFiScan and WiFiWebServer examples print gibberish to the serial monitor and the WiFiWebServer cannot be contacted by a web browser. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • I found a second Product Page called "ComMotion Shield in action!". It has a link to a source code zip file. http://letsmakerobots.com/commotion-shield-action

  • What is the purpose of R13 on the schematic? It is connected between 5V and the VCC pin for the backlight chip? I don't see the equivalent part on the Nokia breakout bd LCD-08600 or Nokia Olimex bd LCD-08683. My backlight does not work on this board.

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