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  • Yes, Photos are definitely powerful and easy to use. I’m sure Photons are the same as well! Just a little typo it looks like! Looks like a shield I may have to pick up. Of course, I should also finish all my other projects in the queue first!

  • Any chance According to Pete #32 can be made public again? It’s the only one I haven’t been able to watch.

  • I finally got in on a dumpster dive!

  • Cut off a limb and two more shall take it’s…what happened to my hexbug!?!?!?

  • Hey Emcee, any update on the commenter submitted April Fool’s Prank suggestion contest you guys had lined up?

  • Maybe this time, people saw what came in the last one and realized most of it was useless to them so they passed? Of course, that only benefits those of us that can use whatever might be working! I did notice things went noticeably slower this time around. What would have happened had one checked out then made another separate order for a second one? There was plenty of time to do so this time around.

  • I knew that flight and hot rod deal on was too good to be true!

  • With Halloween coming up quickly, you could easily integrate this with some LED lights and come up with just about anything you want. I could build off the stick figure costume I did ( and instead, use different LED strips, such as addressable ones, and do a Star Wars getup. With a couple of push buttons and an accelerometer, you could control a lightsaber, with full sound effects when you wave it around, when it hits, it could flash, etc. You could even use the buttons to have the lightsaber extend and retract like in the movies. In the dark, it would be pretty awesome looking.

  • The link to the B+ and the microSD card reader are both broken.

  • No problem! Good to hear it’s still happening regardless of the late date as I know how things get when it’s busy. Silly projects are always fun to see.

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