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  • I'm curious, how does this compare to the Razor board it replaced? Obviously, it uses an ARM processor instead of the Atmel one but how about the sensor itself? It's an all-in-one unit now but I'm curious if the old one may have any advantage over this one in any way or if this is better all around.

  • Go left shark! No, No, No!!! We're not cheering you on, the course goes LEFT!!!! LEFT SHARK, LEFT SHARK!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *#%$CRASHHHH.....

  • Wow, you should have bought a lottery ticket too!

    I lucked out. I didn't get a Big Easy Driver but got the parts I was hoping for fortunately. Red Board, Weather Shield, and Open Log were a plus and after ready up on the LilyPad, I think I might like that quite a bit too since I can power it via LiPo and charge it too.

  • Does this mean we'll be charged less? That would be even better!

  • I have some SmartThings sensors that need AAAA batteries and I bought some off Amazon. 14 pack for about $8.

  • "Because I'm all about that Base, 'bout that Base, no treble." Oh my! I can't believe I just sold my soul to Meghan Trainor for this post!

    In all seriousness, while the Base block would be useful for general peripherals, I would go with the Raspberry Pi block since I can reuse all my Pi stuff on a lower power platform that's also very fast and let my projects run off batteries for a much longer period of time instead having to plug everything into the wall.

  • Had both in cart for a bit and could have gotten the 0.5 pound one but tried to add one more item that was set up to get free shipping and missed out. Oh well. There were 150 0.5 pound boxes and what looked like 35 1.5 pound boxes.

    It's interesting how the past two dumpster dives, the 1.5 pound box was just $10. The value now isn't quite the same as before but still there for those that got one! Congratulations! It's the first one I missed out on but that's $30+ more I've saved in the end!

  • Upon hearing Robert left SparkFun, Pete was found under the table repeating incessantly "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

  • With my sweet safety goggles, what could go wrong?

  • Yes, Photos are definitely powerful and easy to use. I'm sure Photons are the same as well! Just a little typo it looks like! Looks like a shield I may have to pick up. Of course, I should also finish all my other projects in the queue first!

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