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  • Thanks! Don’t tell anyone how much of an idiot I am.

  • Phillips screws and a flat-head screwdriver? It works, but still.

  • Assembly of this is not clear. The “assembly diagram” gives no detailed view of the critical part of assembly: attaching the claw. I ordered this with the MKII claw. I assembled the claw first, but then I had to dissemble what I had done and remove the servo mounting bracket from the claw so I could use the longer screws that came with the Pan/Tilt to attach the claw to the tapped bushings.
    I have no idea if this is the intended method of assembly….if it is I have no idea why the Pan/Tilt bracket is designed this way.

    Does anyone have any insight for me?

  • +1 for the change to opaque breadboards. My eyes thank you.

  • I just downloaded the zip file… and I noticed the same errors reported by “Member #365381” are still there.

  • Picture shows three pins. Datasheet shows four pins….which one will I get?