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  • If you mean the LeafLabs Maple, the gang at LeafLabs are already working with us on creating the STM32 Wiring Framework core.

    If the PID library is written using the Wiring Framework functions, then it should be portable to any platform that uses the Wiring Framework.

  • I'm hoping they do! :) Just keep asking them to carry it!

  • Good question.

    • You can use the Wiring IDE to program Arduino boards (and a lot of other boards, as well as bare microcontrollers), whereas in the Arduino IDE, you are limited to programming a few Arduino boards.
    • Wiring created the original framework, and is constantly adding/changing as things are needed, whereas Arduino has been building on the original framework, with little regard for other microcontrollers. In the long run, you'll find that framework that Arduino is using will cause problems when using other controllers.
      • Hernando created Wiring, and as such, it's been his vision from the beginning to create the software which makes it easy for people to use microcontrollers. Arduino was a separate company that was created some time after that, using the Wiring framework. Their goal has been to sell hardware, as far as I can see, so their focus is not on the software.

    I mean no disrespect to the Arduino Team. The have done a fantastic job so far. The Arduino community is unparalleled. It just shows you how powerful the framework really is. We love Arduino, and we will always support their hardware.

    As for the new ARM based Arduino board, the board is currently not supported by their IDE, and Arduino has asked the community to develop the software for them. So as it stands, the board is not usable, and unless someone writes everything for the Arduino Team, there will be no solution for the new Arduino ARM board.

    Wiring will eventually have a framework core for the Atmel ARM controllers - it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when".

  • Unfortunately, Microchip reps said that they probably will not release a version of GCC for the PIC16 nor the PIC18 series. However, Microchip has provided a GCC port for PIC32 (and I'm not certain, but I think they said they already have, or will soon, a port for the PIC24 series).

    We'll be working on the PIC32 Wiring Framework core very soon. I will likely need some help from some PIC gurus, so if you are interested, please email us at dev@wiring.org.co

  • Yeah, I haven't compiled a list yet, but now that you mention it, I think that would be a great idea.

    For now, though, which controller were you looking for?

  • Might be best to move the troubleshooting to the Wiring forums.

  • Actually, we haven't tried Visual Micro yet - although it sounds pretty cool for Visual Studio lovers.

    It would be great to get you directly involved in updating Visual Micro to support future changes to the Wiring Framework. Email us at dev@wiring.org.co and we can start collaborating.

    We are totally open to having a wide variety of front-ends for the Wiring Framework.

  • Nate, you guys better mark/drill those chips (as powool mentioned below). Otherwise you could trigger some nefarious people to buy up your lot of "cheapees" and sell them to someone else, propagating the fraud.
    Drilling, or maybe clipping some pins would be best, because marking the chips with anything could probably be removed.
    Or maybe just limit the number you can buy, say 5 max.
    Did you try a magnet on them? heh... copper is expensive ;)

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