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Doug McClean

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  • It would be nice if this had the middle two columns of holes added (the ones that are in the space between the left and right half of the breadboard). I often need adapters from double-row header pins (for connecting to IDC cables) to breadboard spacing. I understand why they don't put it on plastic breadboards, but I don't see a reason why it would be detrimental on one like this. A line of silkscreen down the middle should be enough to visually indicate where the middle is.

  • How much does one of these strips weigh?

  • Thanks Mike, I agree with your assessment. I'll ask them just to make sure, since it seems like that is essentially indistinguishable from having no sleep mode at all.

  • [deleted duplicate post]

  • The datasheet mentions putting it to sleep by disabling the power regulator. It's not entirely clear to me whether they are suggesting that I add another 3.3v regulator and disable that one or whether they are suggesting that I pull down the REG_ENA (pin 36) signal.

    Does anyone know whether pulling down pin 36 will sleep the Venus638flpx? If nobody knows I will try to cut traces on my breakout board and find out.

  • I'm confused. I see the firmware update file above, but nowhere in the documentation can I find how one is supposed to go about feeding this firmware upgrade to the chip.
    Any thoughts?

  • Could you explain the role of capacitor C4?
    I notice that there isn't a capacitor there in the reference design included in the datasheet, but SparkFun added one.
    I confess to not understanding the purpose of the inductor either. The datasheet reference design labels it "optional" but doesn't explain why someone might choose to include or exclude it.

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