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  • Another waste of time. Backorders OK? NO!, not for red board, or R3 SMD, or pro 5v, or pro3.3. So basically not enough actual products to be ordered to make $60.

  • Well, it's 12:10 AM, the sale should have started 10 minutes ago, but the discounts are still not in place.

  • Thanks, that hex file made getting full control of this trigger a lot easier; but the html link has gone stale.

  • So now a real blowhard can control the world.

  • I never managed to even log in until Free Day was over. A combination of your server being very slow, and my corporate network being quick to declare a page unreachable. Next "Free Day", I won't waste my time.

  • Can't say I'm too impressed with this antenna's performance with a 5100B. I live in a weak signal area and my cell phone struggles, so I wanted the best antenna I could get. The 5100B and this antenna could not even register, though they worked OK in a stronger signal area.

  • This is a great product. I've used it to look at one-wire signals between a DS18B20 and an Arduino, and to debug SPI signals between a serial LCD and an Arduino. It's really reassuring to read the byte values right off the display and have them match what I put in my code. It's great to check that the pulses I'm making have the width I intended. The user interface is rock solid and takes connecting and disconnecting the pod from the computer in stride. 8 channels is plenty, I haven't needed them all for anything yet. It's great to capture minutes of data at high resolution, unplug the pod from my netbook, and study the diagrams at McD. Then again, it's so small I could take the whole analyzer, microcontroller, and netbook along; and the analyzer is the smallest part.

  • The key information I need to make a decisionn whether to buy this item is a list of the iron tips available (only one? Not even a money saving quantity pack?), and a "hot air rework replacement element" that actually fits, not just one that "a skilled person" can make fit. I see by the tutorial that I probably would not need additional nozzles, but offering a variety of nozzles in the "Related Products" would also be an indication SparkFun and the manufacturer intend to sell and support this station for some time to come, because what it all comes down to is "If I buy this, will I be able to get everything I need to keep it alive and useful until it is obsolete?".
    Then there is the question of lead-free solder. There is another station listed as for lead free solder (out of stock), but it doesn't get any hotter, So why would this station not also be for use with lead free solder?
    Maybe I'm just one of the people "breakout boards" were made for.

  • .3" between rows or .6"?

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