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  • Has ANYONE actually gotten the firmware to update on their FlyCamOne?

    I thought the hardest part would be tracking down a windows machine. Boy was I wrong!

    I have a windows XP laptop; nothing special, and have not been able to get the firmware to update for the life of me. Been at it on/off for like 2 hours. It really should not be this hard.

    The first couple of tries…I’ll admit I didn’t inspect the names of the files THAT carefully. The two files you are to use are VERY similar in naming convention.

    Once I noticed the naming mix up I tried again 3x and still have no idea if it even worked. I was not prompted in the way the readme.txt tells me I should be, so I assume the firmware did not take.

    wow what a difficult process. I was hoping to take my FlyCam on my madien air plane flight. rigged it up to be strapped to my head. I suppose Im either going to have to postpone my flight or go with lesser res. :*(

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